Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Luna Napa Valley 2007 Sangiovese

Luna Napa Valley 2007 Sangiovese, $22.89, 85 points, presents a rather Tannat black color trending a copper-red toward the clear rim.
The nose is quietly musty with earth, and hints of an old-grey-mare (maybe a bit brett-y), a nose to sneeze-at!
This is a full-bodied Sangiovese, acidic, very dry, and more tannic than the previous American Sangiovese wines tasted.
Plum fruit, caramel flavors are plentiful, and the nose is the remainder of the palate.
Finishes short and disappointingly bland, but the possibility that this wine has been compromised leaves me questioning just how to judge the 2007 Luna Sangiovese.
I bought this wine at Klem's Mobil in Windham.


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  1. Interesting series on domestic Sangiovese offerings. I'm familiar with all Luna's wines and think they generally do a good job.

    1. V-girl, having only tasted their Luntic red, which I described as " a lovely red wine of good acidity, fair tannins, bright red fruit with a long deliciously spiced finish.", I can't give a true overall impression, but I'm working on it:-)