Monday, April 1, 2013

Château Coufran Merlot Haut-Médoc 2005 Bordeaux

Château Coufran Merlot Haut-Médoc 2005 Bordeaux,
 $20.17-$32.99, is a revisited Bordeaux. Sometimes you hear it said that a wine changes from day to day, but though it has been almost six hundred days since I've tasted this wine, and you'd think that it would have changed more than it has.
Without reviewing my original post, I again tasted the Château Coufran Merlot Haut-Médoc 2005 Bordeaux, and I was surprised by some new notes, but also by just how enduring and stable this wine is; I'm guessing that this wine can sit in the cellar for many years to come.
With much sediment the black currant-blackberry color is still marked by a clear rim.
Improvement in the aroma is noticeable with earth, a toasty mint, and fresh cut hay.
Strident acidity and persistently powerful tannin continue to make this a formidable medium bodied wine and maybe not for the faint of heart, but an excellent food companion.
Flavors of black-berries are rich. There are hints of licorice, plum, and tobacco that I previously did not notice.
Finishing fair, the diminished palate notes culminate weakly with some spice.

My original score of 88 points remains.


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