Thursday, February 5, 2015

Adelsheim Ribbon Springs Vineyard 2013 Auxerrois

Adelsheim Ribbon Springs Vineyard 2013 Auxerrois, $17.99-$21.99, 89 points, was a very light brass color trending gray at the glass shallows.
The smells of floral tropical fruits were good.
Light-bodied with a medium body texture was marked by fair acidity and mysterious flavors of a new varietal (for me).
Not having tasted this wine before, my mind went into overdrive trying to make associations with other white wines I've tasted:
Chardonnay is too rich and too distinctive.
Sauvignon Blanc is typically more acidic and spicy.
Moscato was usually sweeter with diminutive alcohol levels.
Chenin Blanc is crisper and more citrusy.
Viognier displays a lusher more generous quality.
Riesling is usually far more acidic, mineral laced, and distinctively pome, though not always, often with petrol notes.
Semillon and Pinot Grigio both come closer (it's the nondescript flavor of neutrality), but differences in crispness (PG) floral dominance and creaminess (Semillon) yet differentiate them from this new contender.
Auxerrois is a quaffing white wine, though not without refinement. Subtle flavors of tropical fruit were nuanced, but the kicker is in the finish of lovely lime and honey notes with melon, hints of the 13.5% alcohol, and ginger deepening the well-spring of balanced refreshment.
Want to stump your friends at your local wine tasting gathering? This will do it!


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