Saturday, May 16, 2015

Château Valfontaine 2010 Bordeaux Red Wine

Château Valfontaine 2010 Bordeaux Red Wine, $9.99, 86+ points, the color I saw was in conflict with the label which said "Deep Ruby", whereas I saw dark maroon trending deep cranberry red with a clear wine ring (wine changes over time is a taken).
The aroma was a distinctive strawberry/rhubarb, not typical for a Bordeaux red wine with the varietals Cabernet Sauvignon (50%), Merlot (30%), and Cabernet Franc (20%).
Medium bodied with good acidity and tamed tannins for a young Bordeaux.
Flavors of strawberry, red cherry, black currant, and tart pomegranate were okay, but I wasn't noticing any subtlety; a straight forward red table wine it is, and a good one at that for about ten dollars.
Finished fair with some warm spices, slightly unripe black currant and a balanced 12.5% alcohol.


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  1. Fabulous price! Did you buy two to see how this ages?

    1. No! I rarely buy an untasted wine at full price, and rarer still would I buy two, but if it's still available when the 15% sale comes around. . .

  2. I try to always buy at least two.