Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Marziano Abbona Terlo Ravera 2009 Barolo DOCG

Marziano Abbona Terlo Ravera 2009 Barolo DOCG, $45.04-$52.99, 93+ points, was what I call a sunburst orange/red with a broad clear wine ring at the leggy glass wall.
Aromatic cherry-wood, saline smells from the sea, and bourbon with a floral component were excellent.
Medium-bodied with good acidity and still vibrantly tight tannins carried black and red cherry cordial notes with bourbon accents.
Finished long on the trailing palate with some heat from the 15% alcohol, and a touch of mint.
Tuscan Vines expresses the "feminine" of  Barbaresco, but this Barolo is the masculine expression of the Nebbiolo Grape, and with all those intense bourbon-like flavors, you've got to believe it's manly!
Though rather unctuously textured in its own way, ironically there's sharp edges to this wine too.
Paired perfectly with a rare porter-house (meat and potatoes).


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  1. This sounds really nice. And, although it's past my bedtime, meat and potatoes sounds great right now too. (I've been hungry all day!!!)

    1. The Vikings did have some influence in England; no?

    2. Sorry: That was in response to my comment on FB concerning the masculinity of this Barolo: "There's a lady's Merlot for everyone, then there's a man's fiercely made Barolo, unless she's a Viking!"

  2. D,

    Interesting wine. I've not seen this one, but wonder if it's related to (or separated from) the Abbona family that owns Marchesi di Barolo. Their Sarmassa is an outstanding Barolo so I'd be curious if vineyard sources are similar.

    1. John: The winery is located in the heart of Dogliani, and is forth generation operated; imported by Frederick Wildman &Sons LTD.