Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Calera MT. Harlan 2014 Viognier

Calera MT. Harlan 2014 Viognier, $30.59-$35.99, 93 points, poured a bright glossy gold color clearing at the glass shallows.
Lovely aromas of pear, pome blossoms, and a hint of pine wood impressed.
Light-plus body with good acidity and a complex flavor profile reflective of the aromas and hints of citrus and pineapple impressed as well.
Finished long on the trailing palate, subtle ginger notes, and a big, but balanced 14.2% alcohol.
Paired perfectly with my Yellow-fin tuna salad.
Thanks to Sara B. for the recommendation, and to the manager of NHLS #67 for digging this one out from West Lebanon.


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  1. Now this sounds like a Vinomaker wine, he just loves Viognier.
    That's a lot of info on the label!!!

    1. VG: I've become a fan.
      I was listening to a wine spokesperson commenting that white wines don't score (negative term;) as well as red wines, so I try hard to appreciate a good white wine when I find one; this was such a wine.
      If you have any experiences with the winey I'd like to know your impressions. If commenting is a problem, please e-mail me.

  2. Well, that wine spokesperson has probably never tried a Montrachet...probably couldn't even afford one.
    I will try to seek out this Viognier, but, like I have mentioned in the past, the selection of wines available to you is far superior to anything I can get in Napa.

  3. VG: Montrachet (Chardonnay), a wine I've been wanting to taste, but can't afford either.