Friday, July 14, 2017

Charles Krug Napa Valley 2013 Merlot

Charles Krug Napa Valley 2013 Merlot, $17.84-$24.99, 90 points, poured an opaque and slightly cloudy ruby red toward the broad clear wine ring and glass bowl of light draping.
Smells began beautifully with a cedar potpourri highlighted with blackberry, cocoa, and a floral vibe.
Medium-plus body with good acidity and soft round tannins managed rich, though marked by a mild mid palate fade, flavors of blackberry, cedar, mint, cola, and violets.
Finished well on the trailing palate, plum, tobacco, white pepper, and a touch of Sambuca (14.9% alcohol).
Varietals were a Bordeaux styled 86% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon, 3% Malbec, and 1% Cabernet Franc.
Paired nicely without linguini and meatballs in a marinara sauce.


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  1. Oldest-and-sort-of-still-producing winery, but not the first commercial winery.

    1. VG: As you know, vaunting knowledge about anything wine isn't my thing, opinionated tasting is, and that's one reason I posted your link three years ago, as I deferred to the enlightened erudite English lady: 'Ask Vinogirl'
      I still proudly defer to you.