Thursday, December 29, 2011

Justin Vineyards Isosceles Paso Robles 2007 Bordeaux-Style Red Wine

Justin Vineyards Isosceles Paso Robles 2007 Bordeaux-Style Red Wine, $50.94-$64.99, 94 points, was part of a blind tasting done by three of us Newbie wine lovers; comments in quotes belong to either Ben or Ethan, but which I had no disagreement with, as our pleasure in this wonderful wine was pretty-much the same (Consensus Wine Reality) with Ben having scored this wine 95 points and Ethan scored this wine 94 points.
I bought this at the NHLS 93 South on sale for $50.94: a great buy in my book if you're looking for a special wine. Recommended to me by the manager, Paul; good choice Paul!
Bordeaux-styled, rich, complex, food friendly, and having a sense of terroir (terˈwär).
The color was garnet with purple grains welling opaque, the aroma was sweet-spice and earth, and the flavors were layers of red satin fruit perfectly integrated from beginning to the long delicious finish. Flavors were reminiscent of "Warm morning sun with Tuscan-breezes (Wine flowing from) cool slate, having raspberry hints." [Ben], The "balanced flavors of cherry and raspberry notes with hints of cedar made for a remarkable drinking experience." [Ethan]

Can you tell that we all liked this wine?

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  1. How funny!! Last night, we had an "inventory reduction" evening with another couple in order to drink some of our wines from Paso since we're going there tomorrow.

    We opened up 1 07 Isoscoles -- CORKED. So, we opened the other...also corked. What are the odds??!!! At this point, I was determined to have a good bottle since this is one of my all-time favorite wines, so we opened up an 08. LOVELY, just as it should be.

    We plan to be at Justin on Sunday & I'm hoping to get some kind of reimbursement on their damages. We're club members, so I have high hopes.

  2. Oh, & since we were on a roll (& feeling a bit rich), we opened an 06 Isoscoles. It was starting to show its age, with notes of meat & leather at first but then with some time, the fruit started to come out more. Also very nice, but in my opinion, it wasn't as good as the 08. Had we decanted it, we might have had a different result, but oh well.

  3. Regarding your comment on my blog...what do I think is behind the 2 corked bottles? Just crappy luck. However, when we went to the winery this past week, they gave us 2 '08's, so we were happy.

  4. Oh..& yes, I'll get around to writing up something about our trip.

  5. Claire, you seem to imply that the '08 is very good, so with having tried that vintage you now have two more; what a deal, and I can imagine how much you'll be looking forward to gulping those. . . :-}

  6. Claire, what did you think of the Justin Justification Paso Robles Red Wine, and would you say that the vintages are consistent? Maybe I should just wait for your post and leave you alone ;-\