Thursday, December 22, 2011

Vérité La Muse 2002 Red Wine Is California Red

Vérité La Muse 2002 Red Wine, $78.84-$169.00, 93 points, is another Bordeaux-styled wine with an emphasis on Merlot (not technically a Meritage designated, having Merlot 92.5%, Cabernet franc 7.2%, and just a touch of Malbec).
From the price you can tell a number of things: usually quality (Caveat emptor), scarcity, and collect-ability, but since I paid the low end of the spectrum, and if you can still find this wine in New Hampshire, I'd like to suggest the Vérité La Muse 2002 Red Wine as a gift this Christmas to the wine-lover you have; the reason being the quality, scarcity, and collect-ability (Some say you can properly store this for 20 years).

Vérité La Muse 2002 Red Wine has one of the most interesting bouquets I've experienced, as it began with earthy coriander, leather, and mushrooms, even as hours past I caught hints of round cedar notes on whiffs of alcohol.
The color was a bit cloudy garnet.
This wine has firm tannin supporting layers of damson-plum, mulberries, and black berries.
Finishing long, the Vérité La Muse 2002 Red Wine displays tart cherry and white pepper on a medium to full body.

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