Saturday, August 25, 2012

Banfi Castello Poggio Alle Mura 2006 Brunello Di Montalcino

Banfi Castello Poggio Alle Mura 2006 Brunello Di Montalcino, $60.34-$74.99, 95 points, maroon to dark red and rosewood to the core, with a broad transparent rim. 
The nose is a mind-bending array of of spice, cedar, and black and red berry sunburst. Medium-plus body is smooth with espresso, blackberries, plum, licorice, black olive, dried herbs and bourbon flavors, good acidity and ample tannin are the backbone to this truly remarkable wine. Finishes in its complexity with gentle spice and warmth (14.5% alcohol).
Absolutely delicious on its own, but amazing with a good cup of coffee, customary tomato based Italian cuisine, or chocolate; I double dare you to try this wine with chocolate! Milka hazelnut milk chocolate is a pairing out of this world (Hergestellt in Deutschland).
Okay, it's easy to go over-board with a grande wine like this. You visit a wine review for a reason, and I'm guessing you may want some guidance on spending your money on this wine; well, I'd buy another!
My thought is why not, for $60-$70, you'll taste a wine that brings you to the brink of excellence, and I'd rather have this wine once in a week (A month) than 4 or 5 bottles of mediocrity.


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As a side note:
I wrote this review last night and published it this morning, but this afternoon I thought I'd explore what others had to say about this wine, because you deserve as much  advocacy as possible, especially if your going to spend that much money on a wine I recommend.
Robert Parker and Wine Spectator scored the wine 92 points, while Monica Larner (Wine Enthusiast) scored the wine 94 points. My son Ethan gave the wine 93-94 points.
Someone from Cellar Tracker scored the wine 84 points, which to me is ostensibly foolish.
Needless to say, I've given you the best advise I can, but I think if you are a point-hound, 92 points is marginal for a wine in that price range, and if I had researched it before-hand, I might not have bought the wine.
Serendipity can be a good thing.


  1. Dennis, great review. Was the tasting blind? Going to keep an eye out for this one, sometimes these wines can be cheaper here.

  2. Ben, what, don't you ever sleep?
    Now I have to find season 4; I can't believe what I've seen, but the polemic on euthanasia was weak, and disturbing.
    Banfi, did you read my side note?
    All I can say is Ethan and I had to dump-out our glasses of ____Red-wine, and since we had some "difficulty", I felt we needed to celebrate "reconcilation". This Brunello was like a breath of fresh air, a perfect day's walk in the park, and many beautiful pictures we've shared; can you receive that?
    Well I didn't mention Dexter (Or did I), but like him we must keep our secrets! This Banfi Brunello shouldn't be one of them.

    1. Ben, speaking of pictures, I had deleted my photos on Den's photos blog, but I updated it this morning. Just in case you were interested.

    2. Sorry, here's the URL:

  3. Great review! And Dennis, Brunello pairs very well indeed with hazelnuts, so next time, try the real thing with the wine. I've bought this wine in many vintages, including the 2006 - so I appreciate the note. Haven't tried it yet. The 2001 was phenomenal as well. This is a new wine for Castello Banfi, I think 1997 was the first vintage. It's made from their clonal research and planted in special vineyards on slope ground near the Poggio Alle Mura Castle walls. It's special indeed.

    1. Thanks John for your comments. I hope to find the 2007 when January comes around and there's a 15% discount, but I haven't seen it yet; I'll have to save my green-backs to buy TWO

  4. Today is Oct. 18, 2013 and this wine is priced at the NHLS outlet #33 in North Manchester at the unbelievable price of $48.99. If this kind of wine interests you, don't hesitate to get at least one of these beautiful wines from Italy.