Monday, August 20, 2012

Tenuta Guado Al Tasso Antinori Bolgheri Superiore 2006 D.O.C. 2006 Red Wine

Tenuta Guado Al Tasso Antinori Bolgheri Tuscany Superiore D.O.C. 2006 Red Wine, 65% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Merlot, and 5% Syrah, $66.29-$110, 94 points, has a deep-dark ruby color with garnet tints and a clear rim.
The aroma is a beautifully big, floral, and spicy bouquet wafting from the vases of bottle and wine glass.
The medium-plus body is velvety smooth with good acidity, is quite dry, and has a moderate blanket of tannin, but the spicy impact of the very long finish is what stands out in my memory the most, but there is a touch of heat (14.5% alcohol) and mint there too. Though the wine is a complex array of black and blue fruit, with hints of espresso and licorice, it also has a slightly too floral accompaniment.
This is a stand-alone wine; it is too powerful with most cuisine I'm familiar with, but a spiced lamb, venison, or tenderloin might do nicely; Guado Al Tasso 2006 Bolgheri Superiore is reminiscent of a Big Californian Cabernet. Regardless, this Red Wine is heads and shoulders above my latest Red Wines, but so is the price!


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  1. Dennis,

    2006 Guado al Tasso would do well with a decade in the cellar no? I think I still have some of the 2001. I'll say though, I recall reading that Antinori thought that the Guado al Tasso vineyard may one day pass Solaia in terms of quality, but I've not seen it. Unfortunately, your price listed is often closer to the high end. At that cost, I'm not sure this wine is worth it - but the quality is surely there.

    Good write up.

  2. Yeah, I hear you. I had my eye on this one for about a year when the $66 price became available, and I'd say it is an OK buy, but I'm more inclined to go with a Brunello, which is better with a wider variety of cuisine, though very different. In fact, I just got home with some lamb-loin chops; so you know what I'm up to.
    As for the cellar, I think this wine is tasting wonderful now, but I'd guess that 10 years of good care would be rewarding.

  3. Replies
    1. John, the lamb did work well, it complimented the wine and the wine the lamb, but did not enhance each other. So, I need to explore that again. I posted a picture for you, but not one I'm proud of.

  4. Tasted OK but certainly not worth the price.

    1. Anon: thanks for the comment, but I'd leave-off the "certainly", and when it comes to money and good wines, there's some relativity to be weighed; for instance, the comparable 2006 Groth Res. $150, SH scores 91 points, and I understand that doesn't necessarily change the bottom-line of your point, but a bit less "certainty" maybe in order.