Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Salvatore Principe Prosecco

Salvatore Principe Prosecco, $17.99, 89 points, but I'm sure this is the inflated price of a new specialty market (The Fresh Market) that opened at the Bedford mall. Though this isn't a store review, and though the prices were higher than many other "ordinary" markets, this one offers many interesting, different, and esoteric items, and this Prosecco was one of them. I couldn't resist the label :-)

To the wine:
Salvatore Principe Prosecco, is the clear color of water, with gray copper tones.
The aroma began vibrantly floral, but quickly diminished, as did the effervescence. 
With good acidity, the light body delivers typically neutral Prosecco crispness, refreshing, and non-intrusive flavors that are great with or without food; this Prosecco trends toward citrus and a hint of tangerine, especially on the fair finish.
That label should quicken almost any affair.

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