Monday, May 6, 2013

Fess Parker Santa Barbara County 2008 Syrah

Fess Parker Santa Barbara County 2008 Syrah, $20.99-$22.99, 89 points, begins in the glass black at the core and trending purple/red and terminating with a clear rim.
Hints of toasty black fruit and sweet cooking spice are undistinguished, but smells of turned earth are rich.
The Full body wine has moderate acidity and tannin that carries a smooth rich blend of plum, blueberry, and boysenberry, but there are hints of licorice and violets toward the late palate.
Finishing with a mild though persistent black and white pepper spice wraps-up a food friendly (Greek salad and pepperoni pizza) big red wine.

Some of my viewers have enjoyed the scenes of New Hampshire, so on occasion I'll drop-in an original picture or two just to keep the theme of NH in the spotlight.


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  1. Dennis,

    Nice review. I've enjoyed the couple of vintages (haven't had this one) that I've tried. I took a sommelier certification class a few years back, and interestingly a different vintage of this wine was used as an example of an overly ripe American wine with too much alcohol. I disagreed - it's certainly not an old world style wine - but still a good wine.

    Nice to see all the green in your NH pics. Not something we see a lot of here in CO!



    1. Nick, years ago, someone from Texas said to me the same thing about New England green:-)
      As for the Fess Parker, "good wine" described this wine fine on the first day, but the second day was a different matter as it then began to show that quality of over-ripeness. However, we taste a wine we judge a wine today and not necessarily tomorrow.
      Thanks for the comments,