Monday, May 20, 2013

Scagliola Terri 2011 Monferrato Bianco

Scagliola Terri 2011 Monferrato Bianco (94%  Cortese, 6% Chardonnay), Calosso, Piedmont, Italy, $8,41-$12.99, 89 points.
From the hills of Calosso, Italy to the Granite hills of New Hampshire, the Scagliola brothers have exported their second year production of this looked-forward to "Sunshine in a Bottle."
Colors of slivery copper to Chardonnay gold highlight this all but Gavi white wine.
Bright fragrance of pine, citrus, pear, and green melon are aromatic.
With a light-plus body and a rich texture, Terri retains much of the nose, but adds a bit of creamy honey, violets, and finishes with a hint of ginger and menthol. Not as dry as I'd expected, and just a bit sweeter with less acidity.

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