Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Eroica (Chateau Ste Michelle-Dr. Loosen) 2012 Columbia Valley Riesling

Eroica (Chateau Ste Michelle-Dr. Loosen) 2012 Columbia Valley Riesling, $14.44-$20.99, 93 points, poured a light brass/lime green color and trended clear toward the rim.
The aroma was a near perfect amount of petrol and wet stone.
Sleek and refreshing, this white wine from Washington State carried a bounty of subtlety within its light-plus body of good acidity.
Pome flavors with hints of citrus, lemon and lime with slate notes were beautifully balanced with its slightly sweet early palate which transitioned toward dry late and into the long finish of mouth watering acidity, the well integrated 12% alcohol, just a hint of ginger, and its mouth coating of minerality.
This has always been my favorite American Riesling, and though I haven't tasted it for four years, I expected and received nothing less than excellence. The price is less than four years ago, and that's very unusual and appreciated!


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  1. Mmmm, this sounds good. Though I prefer dry wines, I understand that a little RS in a good Reisling can make for a great tipple. Hang on, I thought you didn't like the "petrol" component.

    1. Vinogirl, I'm not bothered by the faintest hint of it, and when very faint (this was only on the nose and did not migrate to the palate), adds a bit of interesting complexity, but I am glad you remembered my abhorrence of it in general! Others rated it between 89-94 points, and even at the low end, still a wine to find, and WHEN U do, please add to my post for the information-the truth- is what wine tasters need :-)

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    1. Oh Johnny boy ;-) You might like to visit my post of 4 yrs. ago: