Sunday, November 2, 2014

October Slides Into November In New Hampshire

October Slides Into November In New Hampshire

  As October slides into November in New Hampshire, it is really Autumn sliding into winter, and sometimes that means a long haul into April. The talk has turned from the beach and mowing the lawn to 72% of qualified moose hunters were successful, and "do you have your snow-tires on?"
  Though white wines are neither gone nor forgotten, the cold in NH almost demands the warming of red wines, and a fireplace if you have one. So for two weeks I've been reviewing Pinot Noir wines for Thanksgiving, and I've hardly begun.
  Well, there are other red wines that should be making the menu for Thanksgiving, and if it gets cold enough I'll bring out some Port too, though many wine enthusiasts drink Port throughout the year; however the red wines I'm thinking of are Italian, because Italian red wines not only mean food wines, but also quality wines as well.
  No one has more influenced my tasting of wines from Italy than John M. Fodera, and the next post is really dedicated to him, a great patriot, cyber friend, and wine-loving Italian!


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