Sunday, November 23, 2014

Plagiarism-theft of photograpy still a clear and present crime.

Sometime ago I did a post on motives and plagiarism, but I guess those still stealing other's labor are still out there. So, I repeat that post and the web-site that has used my photography as if it were theirs. Can you trust them? Are there others having their work stolen?

My original review and photography: Kendall Jackson Vintners Reserve 2006 Pinot Noir

Thank you for removing my photo.

My post addressing the issue of plagiarism: Wine Blogging Motives and Modus Operandi

So I ask this web-site to cease this falsehood and theft. If they asked for permission with accreditation there would be NO problem.


  1. How did you find out that they had used your KJ photograph?

    1. I was looking at Google images when I noticed no accreditation. Many bloggers use my photos, but almost all link (rightly so) to NHWM, and that's fine with me. The cost of my cameras and SD cards, not to mention props and my time is quite expensive, and to have someone use them as if they paid the price irks me to no end. This site advertises, making money (in some small way maybe) at my expense.

  2. I will look into Google images and see if I can see some of my pics.