Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Cabernet Sauvignon is rehearsing for Christmas tastings!

As is my want,
Cabernet Sauvignon will be making a comeback
for Christmas wine tastings,
and today I'm breaking from Pinot Noir to give me some
 vain varietal variety!
Keeping in mind that if Pinot Noir is the Queen of Red Wines,
then Cabernet Sauvignon is the King of Red Wines,
and also makes for great gift-giving for that special someone.
I trust this year's Cabernet Sauvignon wine tastings will be as much fun and rewarding!


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  1. Bring it baby. There are some nice wines in that picture. See if you can find a Snowden to throw into the mix. Or Alpha Omega. Though that might be harder up yonder.....

  2. And I'm really curious to get your take on the Caymus. I have had it about 4 times now and do NOT get the appeal. It's a goupy, sweet, vanilla laden mess with so much residual sugar that it honestly doesn't taste like wine. Really, truly, bizarre.

    1. John: I have not seen your recommendations, but as for Caymus Cabs, I've had two, and found them to be very good, but found the QPR was not so good.
      However, this one I bought for about $40, so that QPR just might rise!