Friday, December 25, 2015

Sparkling Critters These Wines That Glitter

Tis The Season For Sparkling Wines

  Yesterday I began digging into my bare bones stash of sparkling wines, cause tis the season to celebrate the coming new year and all the bygones and optimisms our fanciful minds can dream up.
  Not being experienced with the bubblies, as I ought to be, leaves me gratefully less likely to be dogmatic about this category of wine, but like the rest of you, I know what I like. So, with that in mind, I still like to share with people the truth; Champagne isn't the only game in town.
  Not having ever tasted the Italian "champagne" styled Franciacorta (The Telegraph-UK), I'm biting at the bit to get at the first one I've found in New Hampshire. For more info from my resource of everything bubbly: Vinogirl post #1,  Vinogirl post #2.
  Then, of course, is the ever consistently good and inexpensive Prosecco, and the less known and variable, but definitely worthy of exploration, Spanish sparkling Cava wines.
  All these, not to mention the ubiquitous American and Australian sparklers that grace super markets and wine boutiques everywhere.
  The idea, as always, is to try something different, and save some money while doing it.


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  1. What time are you opening that Franciacorta...I'll be there :)
    Happy Christmas Dennis!

    1. VG: Any time you're out this way, I'll have something special for you guys! Merry Christmas to you as well!

  2. OK, anytime I head east, and north, I'll expect something cold and bubbling.