Friday, January 8, 2016

Château Puy-Blanquet Saint-Émilion Grand Cru 2006 Bordeau Red Wine

Château Puy-Blanquet Saint-Émilion Grand Cru 2006 Bordeau Red Wine, $25.99-$29.99 (current price range), 85 points, appeared an unfiltered ruby-red grading garnet with a thin clear wine ring.
The aroma was near "dumb" with only hints of black currant and leather.
Medium bodied with good acidity and mostly resolved tannin struggled to make a wine statement, being as non-descript a red wine as I've ever had; a slight woody, smoky boysenberry made for a rather bland/innocuous flavor profile, but fortunately there was nothing bad tasting.
Finished fair on coffee, spice, and tobacco notes with an innocuous 13% alcohol.


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  1. Wow, this sounds like every tasting experience Vinomaker has ever had with Bordeaux. The beauty of wine appreciation is that every single palate is unique. But surprised you gave it a score so high.

    1. VG: You are like a laser zeroing-in on the target!
      Your comments are pregnant with the questions associated with them.
      As for me, I've never tasted a Bordeaux like this one, that was expressed and I'm just making it clear. As for the differences in palates, I'm supposing a kind of bell-curve with most palates so close as to not be substantially different, with the remaining few remarkably so (different); I'm quite confident that people should agree to disagree (JMO).
      The score! I did give it much thought, and since I usually give a low score to wines I don't like, this one remains in the twilight zone! ;-)
      Since my fave wine shops are having a 15% discount, I'm trying to find interesting ones to taste, included are Arminian red, a Zinfandel (almost), that Antonio Galloni says is his highest scoring Zinfandel (close), a few, to me, Petite Sirahs, Groth 2011 Cab-Res. and many other delights. I'm working on sorting-out the fifty or so with do diligence!
      Thanks for being a faithful contributor!

  2. That's me, laser-like precision :)
    Looking forward to the Armenian red!!!