Saturday, January 9, 2016

Ridge Lytton Springs Dry Creek 2013 Red Wine

$31.44-$36.99, 94 points, poured an opaque purple/red with a broad transparent wine ring at the glass bowl.
Ridge wines are almost always aromatic, but the 2013 Lytton Springs had one of the most beautiful aromas of all the wines I could remember; evocative, complex, and evolving aromas of sweet tobacco, black tea, coffee, toasty wild blackberries, and flowers accented by sea breezes were intoxicating.
Near full-bodied with mouth-watering acids and layered sweet tannins afforded the early palate a "cracking easy drinking" with flavors that mirrored the aromas, while the late palate and long finish added tart pomegranate, hints of citrus, warm spices, building tannins, and an appropriate sweet-spot 14.3% alcohol.
Pair with almost anything red meat, BBQs, Mexican cuisine, pizza, Italian specialties, or heavy stews.
Though $31.44 is more costly than your everyday red wine, it is yet a high quality/price/ratio wine; keep in mind, that a Bordeaux or Barolo this GOOD, could easily cost you over $100.00.

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