Sunday, January 31, 2016

Luce 2010 Brunello Di Montalcino

Luce 2010 Brunello Di Montalcino, $88.39-$$103.99, 96 points, poured a deep ruby trending blood-red toward the heavily draped glass wall and broadly transparent wine ring.
The nose was a sophisticated toasty black cherry, fresh linen, and rose, with cinnamon and mint accents (one of the most compelling bouquets I've experienced). 
The uncommonly (for a Brunello) near full body with bright acidity and intensifying tannin carried flavors reflective of the aromas with subtle hints of java and cayenne.
Finished long on hot spices, a touch of oak, a warm invigorating 15% alcohol, and a hybrid bourbon note.
Surprisingly, this Brunello began opening-up immediately and continued to evolve for more than an hour, was a bit more meaty than the examples I was used to, and yet impressed the three of us for the duration (combined rating of 95+ points).


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  1. Full throttle. That's the style I expected. I can dig that if I'm in the mood. But I don't see that around here for anywhere under $100. The value just doesn't make sense interesting review amico.

    1. John, I hear you! This was really a treat for a friend and his leaving for Europe on Tuesday; it was very much worth the one time expense. I do have a few more 2010 Brunellos at half the price to get around to, including one you recommended (Barbi!