Saturday, December 31, 2016

Wine Spectator Magazine Rates My Bragged About Pinot Noir as #67 in Their Top 100

Back on December 22, 2016 I said this about the Hahn Winery Estate Santa Lucia Highlands 'S~L~H' 2014 Pinot Noir: "Hahn has proved that a great Pinot Noir can be purchased for far less than $40, and just why I list Hahn Family Estates Winery a "go to" winery."
Well, this week Wine Spectator published its Top 100 wines and WS agreed with me that this is a very special Pinot Noir.

Some of the other wineries mentioned that I list as "go to"  domestic wineries were Hall and Ridge.
It's always satisfying to have confirmation that one is on the right track, at least some of the time.

Happy New Year!
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