Saturday, February 18, 2017

Shoo Fly 'Aussie Salute' 2007 Red Wine (Australia)

Shoo Fly 'Aussie Salute' 2007 Red Wine (Australia), $7.20-$13.99, 70 points, poured a somewhat cloudy bright ruby red culminating with a slightly rusty bleeding wine ring.
Aromas were dominated by a Riesling-like petrol aroma.

Medium-bodied with little tannin, fair acidity, and pervasive indistinct sour flavors, which carried into the unpleasant finish, were either the victim of age, spoilage, or just a plain poor red wine.
The 14.5% alcohol seemed awkward.
It was undrinkable for me.
The screw-cap and the Koala bear didn't save this wine.
Varietals were 48% Grenache, 47% Shiraz, and 5% Viognier.
I bought this wine at the Hannaford's Super Market in Londonderry.


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