Saturday, October 22, 2011

Twisted 2009 Zinfandel And Halloween Wines


Twisted Old-Vine 2009 Zinfandel, $7.20, 84 points, is the last of the Halloween Wines for this season, though I did buy Spellbound and Masked wines I've come to the end of my desire to "chance" inferior wines, even though I had some pleasant surprises with this game of hide and seek, and determine if I'd been tricked or treated; the Twisted 2009 Zinfandel did not cost that much and with its ability to pair quite well with spiced baby-back ribs was an okay wine, but on its own it was not pleasant to me. At the end of this review I'll list all the links to wines that might interest those looking to compliment their adult Halloween party.

Twisted 2009 Zinfandel's appearance is a light cranberry, the aroma is plum-rubber, and the flavor is a tart (Almost sour) red-cherry, plum notes, and a hint of diesel. The finish is a candied spice that lasts maybe twenty seconds.

It is important to me to taste wines that I think will economically appeal to "ordinary " wine buyers, but I've had so many mediocre wines lately, I thought I might get prepared for Thanksgiving by tasting some supposedly "good" Pinot Noirs and maybe some food-friendly Italian wines.

Links to Halloween Wines:

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  1. You have to hook up with a 4 to appreciate an 8 sometimes, Dennis. I'm sure you know what I mean.

    Enjoying your extensive reviews of some mediocre wines recently. Even the duds will help expand the palate. Keep em comin'!

  2. Forgive my trashy metaphor, have been watching Pulp Fiction tonight.

  3. Twisted and Pulp- go together in a twisted way, but there is "good" twisted and bad. . . But as for Pulp Fiction, all other twisted Fiction will be compared.
    Receive it!