Sunday, September 16, 2012

Chateau Vieux Meillac 2005 Grand Vin De Bordeaux

Chateau Vieux Meillac 2005 Grand Vin De Bordeaux, $11.99-$13.99, 87 points, has a garnet-cranberry color with a broad clear rim.
The aroma is reticent, but eventually releases a pleasant cotton-candy and cooking spice fragrance.
The body is medium-plus with good acidity and noticeable tannin.
This wine shifts considerably with air, changing from early crisp to developing slightly sweet, almost flabby characteristics.
Flavors of plum, boysenberry, and a touch of coffee trail into a spicy finish of allspice and nutmeg.
As an everyday table wine, this is a good choice, and for $12 this wine delivers the dinner libation well.
I could find no information on varietals; maybe someone can fill-in the blanks.


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  1. Never heard of this one. Smaller European houses can be notoriously difficult to find information on since they are less likely to have websites than, say, a new Napa property.

    If you're really interested in finding out some more info, I would suggest looking on the bottle for an importer and then going to the importer's website.

    1. Good thought! Thanks! I would never have thought of checking with the importer.

  2. Yeah, the French...they can be so elusive when it comes to their wine. Someone has it as Merlot, but who knows. If you really want to know, call the store, find out the distributor, & call them. Importers can help but chances are you're better off with the distributor. From my experience, anyway.

    I can't find anything about the property, so Right Bank/Left Bank is a mystery.

    1. "Mystery" is the watchword for me concerning French wines.
      The Sate Store just got dozens of 2009 Bordeaux wines all the way up to $1200.00 Château Haut-Brion, rated a Premier Cru Classé. Well I had a list of maybe ten 2009 Bordeaux wines I was looking for: not a single one did I find. Not that I wouldn't like a first growth Bordeaux. These wines weren't even on their web site (as far as I could tell).