Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fünf (5) Sassy White Riesling

Fünf (5) Sassy White (German Sweet Riesling), $6.99-$9.99, 91 points (Did I say that about an inexpensive sweet wine?), is the faintest of gold tones in color, has a lovely toasty sweet apple aroma, an almost medium body with good acidity, and wonderful flavors of peach, apple and pear that continue into the fair finish.
This is a sweet Riesling, but it is not syrupy, not cloying, not over done, but with a sense of minerals that fashion this wine's arraignment to trail on a clean note.
The bottle looks great and while pouring feels like bone china; compliments many table settings with a touch of classy sass.

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