Saturday, September 29, 2012

La Cigalette Domaine de Dionysos 2009 Côtes du Rhône Villages Cairanne

La Cigalette Domaine de Dionysos 2009 Côtes du Rhône Villages Cairanne (Now, there's a mouth full!), but at least this label tells you what varietals are in the bottle, and SO much more; well not everyone will be able to explain the "Designation" on the top label, but I'm sure someone will, and I thank you in advance. As far as I can tell, La Cigalette ads to the specificity of the grape origination. I think of it in terms of micro-origins, such as my neighborhood: I live on 452 Mast Rd (micro-origin), but across the street is 451 Mast Rd. (another micro-origin).
Well, there's a plethora of "wine label" blogs that want you to visit them, but keep in mind the picture I've provided for reference, as it offers more information than most.

To the wine:
Domaine de Dionysos 2009 Côtes du Rhône Villages,
approximate price. $20, 90 points, was another delicious dry red wine from France. 
Bright ruby color leads to a toasty fruit aroma.
The body is medium-plus, has good acidity and moderate tannin, which carry earthy-plum and boysenberry to a long spicy finish that has a touch of heat on it (14.5%).
Focused is a descriptor often used by wine experts that sometimes eludes me, but this wine is just that, as it seems to "know" just what it wants to be, and that's a very good red table wine which you'll be drinking long after dinner is done.

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  1. Dennis,

    Thanks for the reviews on the Rhone wines. Though I drink mostly American wines, I'm a huge Rhone fan.


    1. Nick, you probably noticed how reticent I am to buy, drink, and review French wines, but like any other wine region, I'm interested, and am hindered by time mostly, but by availability, and cost; so, now that availability of French wines, via the NHLS has gone way up, and starting tomorrow the prices are down by 15%, I'm hopefully going to dive in.
      Sometime ago Claire from "Claire uncorked" talked about how much she loves "red wines", and since I hadn't tasted that many, I've been digging-into them. I too have come to love them as well. So, Claire, if you're out there: thanks!

    2. Here I am!! I'm a little behind, it's been a hell of a couple months. So, I'm trying to knock these out a little at a time.

      You're welcome! It's true, it's true...I love red wines. And white wines, pink wines, & oh, what the Hell - bubbly ones, too. But yes, my heart is truly all-in for red. I guess you mean that you hadn't tried many other varietals? I *know* you've indulged often with Zinfadel. Regardless, it's your story - tell it however you want. I consider it quite a compliment that I was somehow a muse on your journey. (As an aside, it often irks me when people talk about their "journey", but if it's wine & spirits related, it's ok.) So, not to do a "nooooo...thank yooooouuu"...thank you for inspiring me to open something up tonight.

      Now, off to figure out what that will be...

    3. Claire: "inspiring me to open something up tonight." Let us know what inspired you! Unless it was Oak Leaf;-)

    4. Now, Dennis, don't you know that I would never touch Oak Leaf? Or Turning Leaf, or any of those.

      It was '09 Justin Vineyards Malbec. It was fantastic.

  2. Dennis,

    If I had to guess, "La Cigalette" either refers to a specific vineyard the wine is from or perhaps it is one of many blends this producer makes.

    Either way, sounds like a delicious drop! Rhones from the village of Cairanne tend to have a little more Syrah intensity than wines from other parts of the region.

    1. Thanks Bill, and since I believe (can't find my receipt) I paid $15.29 for this, it is a recommend wine from me.

  3. I'm with you, Bill. Although it doesn't matter - the French are so freakin' secretive when it comes to their wine.

    I also drink mostly domestic & also love Rhone, Nick. You know what I really love? Rhone varietals from Paso/Central Coast. I can't help myself.

    This wine sounds lovely, Dennis. I've never seen it around here, but I think I might have to do some looking.