Saturday, September 8, 2012

Ferrari-Carano Siena Sonoma County 2008 Red Wine

Ferrari-Carano Siena Sonoma County 2008 Red Wine, $16.79 (I believe this was a NHLS power-buy)-$27.99, 92 points, has a ruby to Bordeaux red color, the nose is a lovely potpourri of sweet cooking spice and freshly turned earth.
Siena is largely Sangiovese and has a round mouth-feel, but kicks-in with ample acidity and lasting firm tannin. The near full body carries plenty of black fruit with some sweet plum, floral cherry, and coffee liqueur with just a hint of licorice. The finish is reflective of the palate, and is quite smooth, but with a touch of heat (13.7%) and chalkiness. 
I believe this is the best Ferrari-Carano wine I've tasted, but keep in mind that many of the "Big" wine tasters weren't gaga over this wine, and with scores in the mid to high eighties, the Big guys weren't as impressed as me.

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  1. Dennis,

    I've seen this one sale for $17.00 or so and you've convinced me to buy it.



    1. Nick, last I looked, it was the 2009 vintage which was available, but John (Tuscan Vines) says it's quite good too.
      My son stopped by, I served him a glass without him knowing what he was drinking, and he too was impressed.

  2. Great post Dennis! One of the main reasons me and my family get sonoma county vacation rentals every year is because of the great wine. Thank you for sharing this with us!

    1. Kate, there's a song on the radio that says "Take me away-a better place", and sonoma county vacation rentals, looks like it's it.
      Thanks for the link and the comments.