Sunday, July 7, 2013

LaBelle "Red, White, And Blue-berry"

LaBelle "Red, White, And Blue-berry",  (non-vintage) $16.14-$18.99, 82 points, should not have been left-out of my Independence day wine celebration, but late is better than never, and maybe, the theme should continue deep into July! However, the French, those who gave us the Statue of Liberty and much of the population of New Hampshire, will not mind if I continue with Bordeaux, and I can't forget one of my favorite white wines (Prosecco) on these hot summer days.
LaBelle "Red, White, And Blue-berry" begins in the glass as a clear ruby red with a broad transparent rim.
Unlike any aroma I've smelled in a glass of wine, this one shows a woody blueberry (no surprise there) and just a hint of fingernail polish.
Medium bodied with mild acids, and unnoticeable tannin, though smooth, carries little of what I look for (enjoy) in a red wine (sorry)!
The palate is the aroma which traverses throughout and into a long finish with just a hint of the 11.5% alcohol.


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