Thursday, July 25, 2013

Rancho Zabaco Reserve Dry Creek 2008 Zinfandel

Rancho Zabaco Reserve Dry Creek 2008 Zinfandel, $15.99-$21.00, 78 points*, (has not held-up under the conditions most of my wines are kept, which is in a dark cellar that averages approximately 65 degrees-NOT ideal, but not extreme either, and that many other red wines have faired better for longer in these same coditions, attest to something!)
The color of red/brown point to age, and though there is still a clear rim, the aroma of black licorice and hints of shoe polish are carried onto the textually smooth palate with poor acidity and almost unnoticeable tannin, all of which point to the tell-tale signs of age
Even the finish with its 15.5% alcohol is weak.
The cork was fine, no leakage, ullage, and not protruding.
To be fair, I hope to purchase a current release as soon as possible to compare.


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  1. Dennis,

    This wine sure sounds flawed. I've had this bottling before and while on the simple, crowd pleasing side, they're usually tasty.

    This may have been damaged by heat or - that shoe polish thing could point to some volatile acidity in the wine. Any "band aid" smell?

    Odd indeed. The Dry Creek Valley is great area for Zin and Rancho Zabaco is Gallo owned. Gina Gallo usually does better. Ask Bill. :)

    1. John, I'm quite sure there is a flaw here. The question is where did the flaw come from, and since I've had so few flawed wines, I don't feel that bad about it, what does bother me is tasting a wine and not being able to be positive about it, and that is why I think I made it clear I thought there was a problem and that I need to get another bottle, but I doubt it will be the 2008 vintage.
      I didn't notice the "band-aide" thing!

  2. PS - I think I may have just bought this very wine - but it may be the 2009. Hmmmm

    1. John, I'll be eager to hear about it! Thanks,