Thursday, March 27, 2014

Ca' del Solo Estate Vineyard Monterey County 2006 Nebbiolo

Ca' del Solo Estate Vineyard Monterey County 2006 Nebbiolo, $15.29-$35.99, 72 points, appeared bright ruby with a thin band of bricking near the transparent rim and leggy glass wall.
Smells of cedar, celery, black currant, and coffee were just okay for me.
The medium body carried mouth watering acidity and moderate tannin, but the assortment of sour flavors (possibly just couldn't hold-up to 8 years of age) and its 14.3% alcohol were just not that good to me, and sadly could not compare with the La Spinetta Langhe 2008 Nebbiolo just tasted yesterday. I had looked forward to this one.
As a side note: Recently, Napa Valley Vintners issued a Q & A on FB which I asked one of my favorite questions, one in kind which I asked David Boyer sometime ago; as I understood it, there were three questions asked, but to my knowledge mine was not answered (impudent Newbie!). Let me just say that I've had very good older wines from Napa, but that doesn't seem to be the rule of thumb. Also, my guess is that the La Spinetta Langhe 2008 Nebbiolo will easily age two more years.
Certainly this is a complex issue, but wine is inherently complex, but it leaves the 'simple' wine consumer' to remember to be wary, because some wines drink young (most wines) and others are meant to drink with some age.


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