Sunday, March 2, 2014

Château Clerc Milon Pauillac (Baron Philip De Rothschild) Grand Cru Classé 2010 Bordeaux Red Wine

Château Clerc Milon Pauillac (Baron Philip De Rothschild) Grand Cru Classé 2010 Bordeaux Red Wine, $107.09-$125.99 (ouch, but a good ouch), 94 points, shimmered between black and deep ruby at the core trending rosewood toward the clear glass wall.
The aroma has lots going on here, with gentle black currant, rose, soft black cherry, lavender, anise, mint, and a "kiss of oak".
Medium-plus body smoothly carried good acidity with what can only be described as "sweet" round tannin. Drinking this wine young is definitely okay, though I'm reading "one should not open until 2020!
Flavors mirrored the aroma with the addition of coffee and blackberry notes.
Finished long on white pepper, eucalyptus, and a well integrated 14% alcohol.
Varietals are Cabernet Sauvignon (46%), Merlot (35%), Cabernet Franc (15%), Petit Verdot (3%), and Carmenère (1%).


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  1. Holy crap!!!!!!!!!! This wine is 3 digits now? I'm reminded yet again why I've stopped paying attention to Bordeaux. Good Lord. I am sitting on a nice cache of this wine from the 1995 and 2000 vintage and just slowly maturing them. I like my clarets old. This was such a great value as even back then I "played" in the 2nd growth and lower category. Clerc Milon I think is a FIFTH growth. For the 1995 I think I paid $20 on release and for the 2000, maybe $35. What in the world are the French thinking? At your top end price, I can buy 3 bottles of stellar Brunello or Barolo.

    1. John, I've seen this online for about $80, but I hear what you are saying about value; however if I'm going to explore all kinds of wines, usually the more expensive ones on my weekends, then I have to bite the bullet. I'm afraid that inflation is raging and nowhere more so than Bordeaux. My understanding is that bad weather last year will effect prices even more severely! Let me just say that I wasn't disappointed with this one at all! Compared with $4,500 wine I posted on FB, this was a steal=P