Friday, October 7, 2011

Montevina Amador County 2006 Zinfandel

Montevina Amador County 2006 Zinfandel, $9.95, 88 points, is an interesting Zinfandel. It struck me as a spicy Primitivo. The color is cherry red.
The aroma wasn't very pleasant: earthy, grape-y, with just a hint of clove.
Though the back label tasting notes had  blackberry and plum, I was "damned" if I could find them (My son found them), but being a "Newbie" wine taster, I'll just blame myself for that. What I did find was a wonderful balance of "cran-grape" with licorice hints, finishing quite strong with a ginger and white-pepper. There's no noticeable heat here, other than the spice itself, and in keeping with the Primitivo (Italian) style of wine, the alcohol is 13.5%, which is well under most modern Californian Zinfandel wines. 
With an 88 score, you can tell I liked this wine, with a different quality (flavorful-light profile), and being priced right,  and having paired nicely with spaghetti and spicy meatballs, also with salami-green pepper pizza, this was more than just a pleasant "table wine". I found this at Angela's Pasta and Cheese Shop.


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  1. Ethan likely picked up on notes and hints not even the most seasoned wine connoisseurs can grasp.

    Thanks for the review Den. I hope you enjoyed the unpleasant earthy scents.

  2. Ben, don't get me wrong, but there is "good" earth scents too; when they border on wet cardboard, there's always the chance of a spoiled "corked" wine.
    I hear you concerning your "twin", you guys have many gifts.
    Missssss-you MUCH!

  3. Well, crap. I commented, but it didn't show.

    I think I said "Did you just call yourself a newbie?" You really don't write like one. You break things down MUCH farther than I ever do. Truth be told, when I DO get the chance to write, I've usually had a bit of the wine I'm talking about & get easily distracted. =P (We covered that, remember?)

    Having said the newbie thing...when you really think about it, I think most of us wine drinkers that lean to the serious side are going to be newbies for a long time. There's just so much, & we - & the wine - are always changing.

    If none of that made sense, blame it on the 2006 Zin-blend I'm currently drinking.

  4. Claire, what's the Zin behind your very profound comment?
    "Having said the newbie thing...when you really think about it, I think most of us wine drinkers that lean to the serious side are going to be newbies for a long time. There's just so much, & we - & the wine - are always changing."

    Oh, I'm reprinting that in my very first post. Apropos to a whole segment of wine lovers.

  5. The wine was 2006 Twenty Rows Grappler. 60% Amador Zin, 30% Paso Syrah, & 10% Napa Cab. It opened up beautifully, & lucky me, I have 2 more bottles of it.

    I'm glad you like what I said. I believe it to be very, very true. I look back to however long ago it was that I started to "get into" wine, & I'm amazed at how much I've picked up along the way & at how much my palate has changed (& continues to). Some people get stuck in a rut &/or can't let go of their expectations on how something should taste, but I've been blessed with a very open mind & palate. It might not be the sharpest of either, but I'll take it!

  6. Claire, not to get into the "kindred spirit "stuff, but very much see a warm, hospitable, and wise person in your corresponding , and I'm fortunate to have you comment.
    As for the Zin, I've not seen the Twenty Rows, and so far I haven't ordered wine through the mail (Trying to keep with the situation of most other neighbors in NH.) You may have read my "Eureka" post and just hard it can be to find different and good wine in NH.
    Thanks again,

  7. That's very nice of you to say, thank you. Really.

    Mother of God, man...I'd move. Seriously, that just blows. I'm from an area that has what I think is incredible availability, & rereading that post makes me very grateful for that, so thanks...& I'm sorry at the same time. Please don't tell me that your neighboring states aren't much better.

  8. Claire, because wine in NH is, I think and I'm told, have you noticed if the prices I show, the first or lower price is what I usually pay, is in keeping with your experience?)is cheaper than the surrounding States, the wines available here are a magnet to them; so I don't really know the answer to your question. Sorry for the convoluted reply. Just opened my eyes!

  9. Zinfandel is one of my favorites, thanks for review.

  10. Sam, you are welcome.
    If you get a chance or have tried this wine, please share any comments you might have, and thanks for visiting.