Saturday, October 1, 2011

Vampire Vineyards North Coast California 2008 Merlot

Vampire Vineyards North Coast California 2008 Merlot, $10.19-$11.99, 88 points, was a nice surprise; I must admit that I wasn't expecting much, however after the nice burgundy color, fruity aroma with hints of earth and coffee-bean, the flavor is very gentle and consistently pleasant, with plum, tart black berries, and of all things, Merlot grape, I was glad for the surprise. At $10.19 you'll not be disappointed, though the Vampire Merlot is on the light side; a common wine, paired nicely with a common cheddar-burger on a potato bun.
For that Halloween party, this is no trick, and either is the price.
The back label would be an interesting read by candle-light, but the fairly long complete read is here: Lord Byron-Giaour 1813 excerpt: 
"But springs as to preclude his care,
And sweetly woos him--but to spare!
Strange--that where all is Peace beside,
There Passion riots in her pride,
And Lust and Rapine wildly reign
To darken o'er the fair domain.
It is as though the Fiends prevailed
Against the Seraphs they assailed,
And, fixed on heavenly thrones, should dwell
The freed inheritors of Hell;
So soft the scene, so formed for joy,
So curst the tyrants that destroy!"


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  1. Dennis, thanks for the review. Don't think I'll find this particular wine out my way, but I guess I won't be missing that much.

    Did you find any of the wine recommendations I sent your way?

  2. Ben, no I haven't found any of your leads. As i mentioned, the Turning Leaf that I thought would be everywhere is not at the Hannaford's, Market basket, NHLS, all of which I've checked. Hopefully something will show-up.
    "We" were talking about what "Blind tastingS" we'll do when you get home!
    Looking forward to that.
    Be good,