Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Three unexciting Cabernet Sauvignon wines

Rex-Goliath Giant 47 Pound Rooster Cabernet Sauvignon, $4.50-$8.00, 84 points, was labeled at 13.5% alcohol, and poured a light ruby color. This Cab. is similar to Bare-foot or most mediocre California Cabernets. Rex was fruit-forward with diesel hints and unripe plum; unlike Rex whites which I liked, I found this Cab. to be almost undrinkable for me (Give me Welch's). The thing I appreciated the most about this Cab. is the aroma which pleasantly displayed grape-coffee hints.

Peneley Estate Phoenix Coonawarra 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon, $18.00-$26.00, 86 points, 15% alcohol, is deep magenta with orange flashes, aroma is alcohol, cedar, and bright toasty plum, with mocha hints, the flavor on a light body is reminiscent of the aroma with licorice.

Stonehedge Napa Valley Reserve 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon, $14.49-$24.99, 86+ points, 14.3% alcohol, is a prime example of just how "Reserve" can be "meaningless" when weighing relative quality; I'm glad I didn't pay the higher price, and as I've found better Cabernets for $10.00, I was a bit disappointed even at the lower price.
This wine is magenta in color, the aroma is black fruit with hints of tobacco on plum (Quite nice), the flavor is black currant with a smooth licorice.


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  1. Dennis, great reviews.
    I'm curious what your rating scale's range is. I noticed you gave the Rex-Goliath an almost 'undrinkable' review and gave it an 84. Would you say somewhere around 80 would be undrinkable?

  2. I recently had Penley's "Gryphon" Merlot and found it pretty good for $15 or so. I liked the fact that it was aged in French oak rather than American. Pretty odd (in a good way) for a cheap Aussie, imo.

    Haven't tried the Cabernet.

  3. Ben, you'll notice I have comments and a score (should be 0-30),and as I don't drink to get drunk, if the wine doesn't taste good to me I won't drink it, but I very much want to learn to be an "advocate" since I've adopted wine as a "hobby". To answer your question: maybe!

    Bill, the Penley did have a fair pepper finish, and did spend 16 months in 35% new French oak, and if this wine could be had for under $15.00, I'd give this a "buy to try" signal, but as it stands, if you don't mind an "unexciting" but adequate wine, then this will do.

  4. Ben, I find it odd that you mentioned the threshold of 80 points, because WS scored a favorite wine of mine just that, 80 points. Check-out absurdity (Comment section) for yourself:!/2011/08/stags-leap-artemis-2007-cabernet.html