Saturday, March 10, 2012

Robert Mondavi Oakville 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon

Robert Mondavi Oakville 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon,  $33.49-$49.99, ($6.50 less than the 2008) 93 points, is at this point and to me a better wine than the vaunted 2008; maybe in two years I'll change my mind provided I can resist drinking it.
The 2006 has a deep garnet and magenta color, verges on black at the core and has a transparent rim.
The aroma is earth and mushrooms, black currant and grape-skin, and boysenberry with cedar notes.
A medium plus body carries tart red cherry, gentle licorice flavors on lush tannin with bright acidity, and a beautiful spicy finish of some heat and duration.
This is quite a different wine from the 2008 except for the heat, though the alcohol here is 15% compared to 2008's 15.5% for what that's worth.

The rest of this post is glibly stated blah! 
Sunday morning after this post I thought I might do some 'Monday-morning quarter-backing' my score on this wine, especially since I've alluded to "hype" and "vaunting". Needless to say the opinions are varied, but note-worthy.

Cellar tracker's upfront 25 showed scores from 86-94 points.
Robert Parker: 91 points
SH: 89 points
Wine Spectator: 90 points
Wine and Spirits: 93 points 

The average Jane or John Doe will quickly understand that this wine is too expensive for them, and that personal taste leave scores in the waste bin. Yes and no! I'm sure a $34 present isn't unreasonable to most Jane and John Does. So, when buying a gift for a friend or a family member who likes wine, why not look into a resource that when taken in the context of a history of referenced wine scores can be used as a guide for those looking for ideas or a nudge. I may have said it before, but strangers in the wine isle have asked me what might be a good red-wine for a gift; my answer has often been Robert Mondavi Napa valley (On sale). No, RM hasn't given me anything, I'm not selling this, but it is such a sure bet of a wine, it's hard to go wrong. Yes? No?
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