Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Christmas Dreaming-No Wine-No Whining!

For me, Christmas Dreaming is mostly remembering that through thick-and-thin, my best memories were about Christmas. Perry Como sings Christmas Eve and Burl Ives adds to the caroling, not forgetting the plethora and escalation of innumerable other heavy-weights like Alvin.
The family, what was left of it, watched "A Christmas Carol" with Alastair Sim, and believed that "goodness" could actually triumph over evil. The things, the gifts often ruined the idea of Christmas, because Christmas had a spirit to it, one that  like the "Twilight Zone Christmas" captured in the child-like fantasy of joy rather than greed, peace rather than war, and hope over despair.
Being a Pollyanna should be a child's state of mind. Being a child should be just that, a child, with dreams, hopes, and confidence that "all is well", faith if you will.
Jesus said, that if a person did not come to God like a child they would never see Him. Heaven is for children my friend; see if there is any of that twinkle left in your eye, in the melody of your heart, and in your hope.
If Sarah Brightman can sing of Believing in Christmas, I think you can believe too! Don't let the Grinch steal that from you.
If "reason" is what you need or want, C.S. Lewis used reason, and often referred to Christmas in his writing. He wrote Mere Christianity to engage and challenge the "adult" mind to consider the invitation, by the venue of reason, to come to the joy that is Christmas.
So, no wine, no whining, but I wish you a Merry Christmas Dreaming!

Because the idea (essence), the story, the love philosophy of Jesus, if not the reality of Jesus to some, is so beautiful and perfect for hope and joy, that a child's dream of Him and His angels will always transcend the ugly in this world.

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