Saturday, November 3, 2012

ZÜM Mosel 2011 Riesling

ZÜM Mosel 2011 Riesling, $9.34-$12.99, 91 points, has light brassy tones, and an aroma of gentle apple blossoms and pear.
An off dry white wine, a near medium body, and lip-smacking acidity carries smoothly its refreshing, crisp, and delicate pome flavors, along with persistent minerality.
The juicy finish is profuse and ends with just a hint of ginger.
A friend of mine stopped by yesterday afternoon for a movie  and a light meal of toasted onion-bread and tomato bisque, and an assortment of chicken wings. He says: "Something from your private stock?" So I yanked this Riesling from the fridge, poured him a glass, and watched his expressions of pleasure; I'm expressing mine here!


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  1. Dear NH Wine Man,

    While perusing the web for information concerning the story of when Jesus turned water into Wine, I came across your Blog site and must say it is a wealth of information concerning Wines. I'm sure that if anyone has any questions about wine that they can find the answers right here! Thanks for your Diligence to keep people informed.

    Ed S Manchester NH

    1. Ed, you are too kind. I try to be relevant to NH wine buyers, but my wine knowledge is very short, and that's why I have links i.e and, and even Wiki-whatever.
      I do believe that the wine Jesus made was the best ever, and I guess I'll have to wait (albeit a short time) to find out.
      Also, note that I doubt "my" Christian readers are many.
      I did have a discussion about that some time ago with a blogger who did a great job in putting the Christian faith and drinking wine into perspective, but I'll not get caught in that trap; this is a wine reviewing blog and not a place for a lot of controversy.
      Thanks again for you kind words.