Saturday, July 13, 2013

Château de Carlmagnus Fronsac 2010 Red Bordeaux

Château de Carlmagnus Fronsac 2010 Red Bordeaux,  $24.29-$26.99, 92+ points, appears almost black at the core trending red to purple red and clear at the very leggy rim.
An earthy cedar aroma, complimented with cinnamon and clove is rich.
This near full-bodied red wine is marked by mouth watering acidity and noticeable, yet pleasantly sweet tannin, more so than any of the other 2010 Bordeaux red wines I've tasted thus far, making this a most approachable 2010 Bordeaux red wine as well; this is a very drinkable red wine, and not just because of its tannin, but this straight-forward Bordeaux has beautiful and plentiful black and blue fruit, nuanced savory herbs, and blackberry cordial flavors.
An intense finish of spice and heat (15.5% alcohol) are climatic and satisfying.


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  1. Acid sounds appealing, but isn't that alcohol a tad too high for a French wine?

    1. Vinogirl, you make an interesting point, and let me elaborate on my own conclusion: I'm GUESSING that the higher alcohol assisted in the "right-out-of-the-bottle" drinkability, but unlike most of the other 2010 Bordeaux reds I've tasted (usually I drink them for one to three days)this one faded sooner than the others, but the first day it was quite delicious and the alcohol did not bother me at all. I wonder if this might affect the cellaring potential? Just a thought, and I'd be interested in your feed-back.