Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Silverado Miller Ranch Napa Valley 2012 Sauvignon Blanc

Silverado Miller Ranch Napa Valley 2012 Sauvignon Blanc, $13.00-$19.99, 92 points, is a light burnished gold color, and the beautiful aroma displays light citrus notes with honeysuckle and a hint of Lychee nut.
The crisp light-plus body carries good acidity on a silky base of green melon, citrus, and just a touch of toasty vanilla flavor.
Finishes long on a trailing palate, and concludes with ginger and mineral notes.
This Sauvignon Blanc is just too good, too easy to drink, and too pair-able with white fish, crab, or steamers.
Though not as complex as some recent offerings, the flavor is just remarkably pleasant!


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  1. Ooh, I usually like their SB, like the wine-making team. Must get me a bottle of this to try.

    1. Vinogirl, for some nebulas reason I've almost completely avoided Silverato wines, but I've been won-over; as for SB, I've not been a BIG fan, but I'm sold on this one!