Monday, July 22, 2013

Lange Willamette Valley 2011 Reserve Pinot Gris

Lange Willamette Valley 2011 Reserve Pinot Gris,  $15.92-$19.99, 90 points, was the lightest silver/gray color with a green tint.
The aroma was similar to many a Sauvignon Blanc I've had, with light citrus, cantaloupe, and a hint of green melon and a gentle pine needle note as well.
Creamy smooth, but this near medium bodied dry white wine possessed an excellent cold-crisp factor with good acidity and flavors of sea-salt (brine), lime, lemon, and kiwi, all of which made-up a lovely trailing finish, but unlike most Sauvignon Blanc (continuing on with my SB comparison) wines I've tasted, the finish here had almost no spice to it, only a soft memory of what went before.

To fish or not to fish, that is the question, and though this New Hampshire scene has a small pond in it, I doubt, though you or I could be surprised with trout in the smallest pond or stream, that the "fly" will be of any use.


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