Saturday, August 31, 2013

Bouza 2008 Tannat

Bouza 2008 Tannat-Red Wine of Uruguay (Tannat intro by Tablas Creek Vineyards), $12.99-$18.99, 90 points, appears just a tad more purple than our familiar Red Bordeaux wines, but this purple/red wine is a hair shy of opaque, and terminates with a clear watery rim.
Quite aromatic with a slight bacon, earthy blackberry, hints of clove and violets wafting out of the glass (very nice).
Nearly full bodied with mouth watering acidity, persistent with manageable tannin, and flavors reflecting the aroma, this wine reminds me of a more mellow Wind Gap Castelli Knight Ranch 2007 Syrah, not as complex, but very focused.
Bouza 2008 Tannat finishes with a long belt of cayenne pepper, a hint of licorice and a touch of heat (13.8% alcohol).
If you like a big red wine, a tasty wine for few pesos, then this is of great value at the $12.99 I paid.


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