Saturday, August 3, 2013

Graff Family Vineyards Chalone 2009 Viognier

Graff Family Vineyards Chalone 2009 Viognier,
$12.74-$22.99, 88 points, appears a light burnished brass color.
The aroma begins with this wine's hallmark trait, but also what I find to be somewhat disagreeable, that is alcohol, all 14.4% of it. Yeah, there is honeysuckle, green melon, light citrus notes with hints of lavender/lilac, a smooth near medium bodied white wine which is light on acidity, tastes better warmer than colder, and does so with flavors that follow the aroma, but except for the finish, the alcohol is just a bit too much for my palate.
Finishes crisp on heat and light spice.


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  1. Vinomaker is a huge Viognier fan, but I bet he's never had this one. The alcohol sounds a bit much though and is perhaps the result of over-ripe fruit (which would also explain the flabbiness).

    1. Vinogirl, I hear you; this wine wasn't far from being an excellent wine, and just as a side note, I believe that typically Viognier should be drunk early; usually, I'm reluctant to by one that's 3 years old, not that I find many of this varietal, but the price was right and I wasn't disappointed.