Saturday, August 10, 2013

AVISSI Prosecco Sparkling Wine

AVISSI Prosecco Sparkling Wine, $17.00, 88 points, appears as water clear as any wine I've seen, and with the slightest gray tint belies the dynamo hiding within.
Nearly neutral, the aroma yet has a hint of honeysuckle.
A light bodied sparkling white (frizzante styled) wine with good acidity and an edgy tart citrus flavor, this Prosecco is lacking a dominant fruit character, which manifests the common relatively neutral flavor profile that is a trait often associated with Prosecco wines, however it remains crisp and refreshing; paired well with my stuffed Maine lobster.
Finishes a tart tangerine, having hints of the Glera grape and ginger. 
Though this Prosecco is dry, it is not a Brut white wine.
Since the Hannaford's Supermarket (Derry) only had a few of these left, I grabbed this one at full price before they were all gone, but not a value Prosecco at $17.00 (in my humble opinion).


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