Saturday, January 18, 2014

Château Doisy-Daëne 2010 Grand Vin De Barsac

Château Doisy-Daëne 2010 Grand Vin De Barsac, $62.89-$73.99, 93 points, appeared as a light brass color.
Profusely aromatic with pine resin, fresh baked bread, tangerine, cantaloupe, and honey.
Full bodied (viscous) with sufficient acidity to cut through a baked-stuffed lobster and key-lime pie.
I preferred this wine after it breathed for some time, and though the flavors were tamed a bit, a creamy honey quality supplanted the more early vigorous citrus and melon flavors.
Finished extremely long with just hints of ginger, black pepper, lemon-meringue, and the 13.5% alcohol.
The varietals of 89% Sémillon, 11% Sauvignon Blanc were better (to me) as an aperitif than they were being paired with diner, but either way Doisy-Daëne was an elegant taste experience.


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