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Malbec, one of the six grape varietals found in Bordeaux red wines, however it is most often associated with a plethora of great to poor red wines from Argentina and to a lesser extent Chile, not withstanding California's, South Africa's, and Australia's (not a complete list) blending of the grape with other red varietals, and even some straight Malbec production.
When I think of Malbec, I think of the flavor-kinship to Syrah and Zinfandel. I also think of Malbec wines (not reviewed) I tasted early in my wine tasting experience that I just didn't like, and which steered me away from them, but with my son's new enjoyment of Malbec I was bound to taste more of them, and thankfully so.
In New Hampshire you'll find plenty of Malbec wines to choose from ($6-$60), but about 95% will be from Argentina with a half dozen or so from Chile.

My list of Malbec wines:

90+ Old Vines 2012 Malbec, $9.99, 85 points (not reviewed)
Achaval Ferrer Mendoza 2010 Malbec, (Argentina) $19.54-$22.99, 91 points
Achaval Ferrer Mendoza 2012 Malbec, $16.14-$22.99, 90 points
Achaval Ferrer Mendoza 2014 Malbec, $16.14-$22.99, 90 points
Alamos 2008 Malbec, (Argentina) $7.64-$8.99, 89 points
Atamisque Mendoza Valle De Uco 2012 Malbec, (Argentina) $17.59-$24.99 91 points
Bodega Catena Zapata Alta Historic Rows 2013 Malbec, (Argentina) $41.99-$49.99, 91 points
Caballero De La Cepa Reserva 2012 Malbec, (Argentina) $15.29-$19.999, 86 points
Catena Padrillos-Mendoza, Argentina-2014 Malbec, $9.99-$12.99, 85+ points
Château Nozières Ambroise de l'Her Cahors 2011 Malbec (France), $17.99-$19.99, 89 points
Cigar Box Reserve 2012 Malbec, (Argentina) $11.99-$13.99, 87 points
Clayhouse Paso Robles 2008 Malbec, (USA) $10.99-$15.99, 86 points
Doña Paula Los Cardos Mendoza 2012 Malbec (Argentina), $11.99-$14.99, 86 points
Fritz Estate Dry Creek 2014 Malbec (USA), 88 points
Georges Vigouroux Château de Haute-Serre Cahors 2011 Malbec (France), $19.79-$21.99, 88 points
Georges Vigouroux Pigmentum 2012 Malbec (Cahors, France), $6.99-$29.99, 86+ points
Graffigna Centenario Reserve 2011 Malbec (San Juan, Argentina), $8.99-$12.99, points, 87.5 points
Luca Mendoza Argentina 2008 Malbec, $28.04-$32.99, 90 points
Merriam Vineyards 'Lower Pond' Alexander Valley 2014 Malbec, $33.99-$39.99, 91 points
Norton, Mendoza 2010 Reserva Malbec, $16.14-$20.99, 89 points
Ricardo Santos 2008 Mendoza 2008 Malbec, $14.99-$18.99, 88 points
Ruca Malen, Mendoza 2010 Malbec Reserva, (Argentina) $12.74-$17.99, 89 points
Smoking Loon El Carancho 2013 Malbec (Chile), $6.99-$12.99, 86 points
tikal Amorio Mendoza Argentina 2008 Malbec, $22.09-$25.99, 92 points
Tom Eddy Napa Valley 2008 Malbec, (USA) $46.99-$64.99, 91 points
Trivento Mendoza 2015 Malbec Reserve (Argentina), $8.49-$11.99, 87 points
Undaunted Columbia Valley 2015 Malbec (USA), $11.25-$12.50, 87 points


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  1. "Plethora of great to poor". I think these wines were very hit and miss in the past, and still a little today, but they are improving at a great pace.

    1. So many wines, and so little time! Slowly, but surely my wine expedition is including Malbec along with Carménère and others, but I must agree with you: the quality is more often good than otherwise. I had the tikal Amorio Mendoza Argentina 2008 Malbec today with some friends and family, and we all found it quite beautiful (review coming tomorrow).