Saturday, October 18, 2014

Pinot Noir Means Autumn In New Hampshire

  I love and hate Autumn! I love that it's time for me to taste Pinot Noir wines for Thanksgiving, the colors, smells, and the festive ambience, but I hate its foreboding of winter's trials and distresses, with snow storms threatening to strand me on the roads to work, back aches or worse clearing away the mounds of the white stuff, the cost of heating oil, and Jack-Frost nipping at my nose.
  With that said, my aim here is to let NHWM viewers know that the search for great Pinot Noir for Thanksgiving dinner in NH is on again, though later than last year (don't forget all the great Zinfandels Red Wines recently reviewed, which also are great choices for that Thanksgiving dinner as well).
  So, keep an eye out for the next several reviews of Pinot Noir red wines found and bought right here in New Hampshire USA, keeping in mind that Pinot Noir is probably the overall best pairing red wine for Traditional Thanksgiving cuisine.

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  1. Brrrr! This post made me feel cold.
    Don't forget...Autumn (and winter) may make your back ache, but spring is on its way!