Sunday, December 15, 2013

Shafer Hillside Select 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon

  I think we all know that wine lovers need no special occasion to drink a "great" wine, but posting a celebratory cause to the drinking is always a good thing. With that said, I decided to celebrate my one thousandth post with, for some, a one hundred point (98 RP) Cabernet Sauvignon. Only in opening, breathing-in, and slowly, methodically tasting such a special wine will tell-the-tale of how I judge the Shafer Hillside Select.
 Now, I'm not saying I'm any more qualified than my neighbor or my aunt to judge, but unlike them, I'm willing to spill my "brains" about it. Hopefully, that's all I spill!

Shafer Hillside Select 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon, $186.99-$219.99 (current prices start at $244.99), 97 points, certainly sets the standard for excellent Cabernet Sauvignon.
The appearance of crushed black currant and blackberry is black at the core and lends itself to a rich purple/red toward the quite leggy glass wall with a transparent rim.
The spectacular bouquet of cedar, violets, sweet cooking spice, pine resin, and warm toasty loam is absolutely beautiful.
Near full bodied, the Hillside Select carried good acidity with persistently fine tannin (This wine is ready to drink now!).
Flavors perfectly mirrored the bouquet, translating onto the palate in a waltz of harmony with a velvet texture and a perfectly balanced 15.5% alcohol.
Finished very long on the trailing palate with white pepper, Cholula, thyme, and spearmint.
As I tasted this wine upon opening, it's important to note that hours after opening, The Hillside Select gained a developing panoply of aroma (perfume notes) and recess flavors of tobacco and anise. Though this development added to this Cabernet Sauvignon's complexity, it also (for me) slightly detracted from the cleanly pristine nature of my first impression.


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  1. Awesome! Haven't had one of these in years, but I can still remember tasting the '94. It was like drinking liquified blueberry cobbler. Just amazing and still one of my top 3-4 wine experiences ever. Of course, back then it was about $50. Can't imagine paying $200+ for a bottle today. I remember getting a 6-pack in at the retailer where I used to work and it sitting on the shelf for months before someone came in and bought all 6. I didn't get to try it until those were long gone or I would've snapped them up myself! Over the years I've had the pleasure of drinking a few HSS, but none have been as decadent as the '94 was.

    1. I remember that wine being $50 too. And the Napa was $20 and the SLD was $35. Sigh....

    2. Bill, you remind me of the guy walking out the store with a case of the Relentless. All I have to say is I hope to find another!

  2. John, John, what ever happen to a "penny saved is a penny earned"? Guess we'll all have to buy Shafer Merlot from now on ($40).

  3. Happy 1000th!
    Wish I could afford Hillside Select!

    1. Wish I could find another!
      I have a possibly better wine just waiting for a good excuse to drink, an excuse like the next time you and Vinomaker are stuck at Logan, let me know 8-)