Thursday, September 10, 2015

Innocenti Vignalsole 2011 Toscana IGT

Innocenti Vignalsole 2011 Toscana IGT,  $21.24-$27.99, 91 points, poured pristine and nearly opaque ruby trending sunburst orange/red at the clear wine ring.
Complex aromas of cedar, truffle, black olives, pomegranate, and roses were very good and propitious.
The medium to medium-plus body managed good acidity, layered and building tannins which were a bit more than supportive (I prefer my red wines with more rather than less tannins).
Robust flavors reflective of the aromas were excellent, and with a touch of plum, mint, and tar added a cerebral complexity.
Finished long on the trailing palate, hot spice notes, and a well integrated, but warm 15% alcohol.


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  1. "Cerebral complexity." A thinking-mans wine, I like it :)

    1. VG: Thinking about this wine gave me the clue for the descriptor! The truth? I really do try my best to think about the wines I'm drinking, and this one had much to think about; some others, not so mucht! Thx for commenting!

  2. Well, after my recent diatribe about wine descriptors, I'm glad to see that someone is giving some thought to what they write :)

    1. I didn't see your essay as a "diatribe", but great fun.